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December 30, 2005

Winter 2005

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2005 started out for us like many years do, with a good meal of collard greens and black-eyed peas as we spent time with friends and family in Greenville, SC. That traditional meal signaled the end of the holidays and the beginning of our return to the everyday routine at our home in Charlotte, NC.

For Suzanna, it was back to her classroom at The Fletcher School. She taught four language tutorial classes, which equipped students with phonetic skills for reading and spelling, and two science classes as well. Jason returned to classes at Reformed Theological Seminary- Charlotte campus; the January term format allowed him to cover a semester’s worth of instruction in just five days per class.

We were very excited to learn in early January that we had received passes for ourselves and several friends to the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. on January 20th. As we headed north, the snowy conditions forced several detours and made it a longer drive, but we arrived safely to our friend’s home in Vienna, Virginia. The next day’s activities included standing in the cold, going to our Congressman’s office reception, going through security screeners, standing in the cold, watching the swearing-in of President Bush, going through more security screeners, then standing in the cold, eating lunch, going through yet more security screeners, finding a warm Innagural party to attend, then standing in the cold some more and finally going back to our friend’s home.It was an amazing, historic experience and we feel the urge to empty our pockets of metallic objects, take off our shoes for security examination and feel very cold just thinking about it. We were glad we went, it was a “tell the future grandkids about it time!”

  • Jason & Suz on Penn. Ave. in front of the White House and parade review stand after the Presidential Inaugural Parade (left) and swearing-in of the President at the Capitol – January 20, 2005.

Even in our temperate, light-dusting-of-snow-once-a-year, Southern winter, the dark, short days passed on by. Sure, there were personal taxes to do, the start of a new spring semester of graduate school in February, various illnesses to fight (that resulted from standing in the aforementioned cold), but there were times for lighter moments… like making TIRAMISU!

Or going on a church men’s retreat to the western North Carolina Mountains.

Eventually the days legthen, the flowers blossom, the seasons change with new responsibilities and activities….


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